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  • Walking the path

  • Attalea Cohune coco nut seed just before it falls off the tree.

  • This is what the Attalea Cohune looks like on the tree growing.

  • Making freinds on the festival trail

Welcome to Kona Pipes Hawaii



August: Jason Natt

August Shop: Spectrum 2nd time this year


Summer Mini Special 4"

 Artist Antonio B. as an inspiration of long religious and family traditions

brings you handcrafted

Ceremonial Pieces for Wizards and Hobbits

Welcome to a Taste of Hawaii.

Each piece is hand shaped, hand carved and signed by the artist. These are one of a kind.

*Note:  This is not Gandalf you are looking at but the face of the artist, Antonio B.

 To enter to win a pipe from us first you need to share and like some of our web pages, from our video at You Tube to our Face book. Comment and post that your entering into the contest and we will randomly select a winner at the end of the contest.

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Whole sale package above
Just the right size
for a Hobbit!

Each pipe is handmade with love from a genuine coco nut called an “Attalea Cohune” (Corozo)
The Mayans used the same 
coco nut as a candle as they found the bowl didn't burn.
They simply refilled the nut with a waxy substance
and placed the lit coco nut on the mountainsides,
using it in religious ceremonies.

 Middle Earth has been using the same coconut and bamboo pipes for...
We don't know how long!


The natural bamboo stem has been cured and
will get harder with time.
The coco nut bowl will not burn or sour.
You can scrape it clean with a sharp knife.

Wizards and Hobbits use magic to clean their pipes. As you and I know, that gets a little tiresome.

Each pipe comes with a stainless steel cleaning rod.
To clean your pipe, place a small amount of olive oil on a rag and slide the cleaning rod
through the rag.
Holding the bamboo stem near the top, insert the rod. Its custom fit for your particular pipe. 
This will keep your pipe clean.

This coco nut bowl and bamboo stem 
will take on the scent of whatever you decide to smoke in it.

SECOND, it will absorb heat
and not reflect it.

THIRD, and one of the most important things is 


Hawaii's Natural Medical Delivery


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