Mini Hobbit Ceremonial Piece

7" Hobbit Ceremonial Piece

Long Stem Small Bowl

Wizard  Pipe

Long Steam Large Bowl Wizard Pipe

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We are Kona Pipes



#1 Kona Pipe will absorb heat and will not reflect it as  glass will.

#2 The pipe  will take on the odor of what ever one chooses to smoke in it.

#3 The Coco Nut (seed) and Bamboo are alive. Thus very natural. 

#4  A stainless steel Rod comes with each pipe.  Put olive oil on a rag  wipe the cleaning rod with the rag.  Store the cleaning         rod clean in your pipe and your pipe will be clean.

Life Time Guarantee


The story that goes with the life time guarantee... is...we were all sitting in the office when we revived a phone call form a man who just broke his pipe. He was out side using his pipe when his wife was leaving for work. He placed his Kona Pipe in his shirt pocket bent down to pick up the news paper and his pipe fell out of his pocket bounced on the cement and as his wife backed out of the drive way she ran right over his warm pipe. His question was is my pipe guaranteed? We all laughed and told him NO! After thinking about it over night...The next day we decided that we would not advertise in magazines any longer. We would give away free pipes. Guarantee our pipes for life. We are now a guarantee Company. Water pipes are not 

Guarantee for life. Nor sold on this site...if interested in our Water Pipes please contact us.


Artist : Anthony B. first started making the Coco Nut & Bamboo Pipes when he was living in the Caribbean, on the Island of Roatan. Twenty (32) years later with the help of his daughter & grandchildren they continue to improve on the quality of his original Pipe.

The bowl on the pipes are  a real coconut. The coconut seed named Attalea Cohune or (Corozo), has quite a history. The Mayans made the Attalea Cohune Trees a protected species. In ceremonial displays, they cut the top off of the seed then placed them around the mountain sides. They lit them and the meat inside burnt as a candle. In the morning they found charred coco bowls…the bowl’s ability to withstand flame, making the coconut seed a perfect smoking bowl. The palm trees take about 12 to 15 years to produce these hard seeds. In the early 1900's they were called American Oil Palm Seeds. Now they are mostly used for carving and smoking.

Anthony B.

Long Steam Large Bowl Wizard Pipe